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Since 1925, over 40 members of Gracie family have dedicated their lives to developing the most effective system of self-defense the world has ever known.

In the late 1920s Grand Master Helio Gracie has started developing Gracie or Brazillian Jiu-jiutsu after he realized that he was to frail to utilize the traditional Japanese jiu-jitsu techniques. Over the past 80 years, Gracie Jiu-jitsu has proven to be the most reliable system for a smaller person to defeat a larger, more athletic opponent. The techniques of Gracie Jiu-jitsu are based on precise timing and effective use of leverage so that virtually anyone can do them, man or woman, regardless of their age or athletic ability.


Although Gracie Jiu-jitsu consists of over 600 techniques, Jiu-jitsu 101 includes over 100 techniques that could literally save your life during a real straight confrontation. frequent is essential if efficiency is to be gain in the fundamentals class. The key to learn Jiu-jitsu is repetition. The ultimate goal is to condition your sub-conscious with Jiu-jitsu techniques so that you can automatically react in a critical situation.


Beyond blue belt, Jiu-jitsu 102 consists of hundreds of advanced  techniques, all of which we have organized into a clearly defined, systematic curriculum. This program consists of different specialized classes and focuses more deeply on each separate element of a fight. In Jiu-jitsu 102 students will learn new  techniques and combinations as well as improving reaction time.

At this level, Jiu-jitsu will become and practitioners will learn to put the basic techniques together into various combinations, with the use of leverage and momentum.

Jiu-Jitsu 102 consists of the following classes:

- Grappling techniques

- Throwing techniques

- Striking & clinching strategies

- Sparring sessions

- No-Gi training


Modern Tae Kwon Do / Kickboxing is perfectly suited for individuals who want to learn real world self-defense, as well as the art artistic aspect of the martial arts. The program is based on the proven Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do system. The Program is design to help the students progress this stand-up art in a systematic way. A clear curriculum that students with any fitness level would be able to perfect with time and dedication to training.

Students will benefit from an increase in stamina, flexibility and endurance. Emphasis is place on conditioning and discipline in this program.


The earlier you train, the better you will be.


Our Kids Program is geared towards teaching kids real world self-defense. Whether on their feet or on the ground your child will be physically and mentally prepared to defend his or herself in almost any situation. Even more importantly, he/she will have the knowledge and understanding of when and where these newfound skills should be used.

The primary aim of our school is not only to develop self-defense skills but to also achieve academic excellence and to develop character. Children with learning disabilities also benefit tremendously from the structure and discipline that inherent in the martial arts.


A special self-defense program, designed for ladies.


Unlike other Sidekick Academy programs the "BE-SAFE" program emphasizes training methods geared towards female students with no experience necessary. The program teaches techniques based on leverage and natural body movements that anyone can learn, regardless of age or physical fitness level. By the end of the course, students will be able to overcome panic and apply the techniques in a realistic environment.

Moreover, we have added a new spin to the class; Modern Tae kwon Do adds a new dimension to the self defense foundation which is set in this program. The stand-up art of Modern Tae Kwon Do, goes in depth into proper kicking and punching techniques, and will surely add benefit to all practitioners. Also, with this new addition, we are certain that everyone will have a fun and challenging workout!


Get the most amount of knowledge in the least amount of time.


Personal Training is offered at Sidekick Academy, where a student could benefit from one on one training and receive direct feedback from an instructor.


Sidekick Academy is a playground for every athlete. You don’t have to be a martial arts expert to be in the academy. It’s a place where any athlete in any sport can get or gain that extra edge they need. It’s not just a martial arts school. We offer classes in modern Tae Kwon Do and Gracie Jiu Jitsu, and fitness classes.

We offer two programs geared for women. One of the women’s programs is our “Be Safe Program” which is modern Tae Kwon Do with added elements of self-defense and Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

We also offer full kids classes. The difference between us and other martial arts schools is the fact that other than martial arts training, we also focus on the development of the child by linking their training to their academics and personality.

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